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Dawgs in Motion is looking at a bit of a face-lift in January…

We have a plan to do a bit of concrete work in our Camp room where our kennels and crates are presently housed. We chose January because we have less boarding requests during this time. As always, we want to communicate well with our customer base so that everyone is aware of what we are always doing at Dawgs in Motion. The construction project will entail lifting existing rubber mats and installing new drainage ditches in our boarding area along with putting in new concrete. This new concrete will allow us the ability to create 3 additional new camp rooms in the future! We are excited about this new concrete as we have been working towards this     project for quite some time.

How will this affect our customers?

  • This project is estimated to be completed within 2 weeks from the start date of January 20th and possibly even sooner.

  • We will be moving all of our existing crates and kennels into one side of our indoor play area for this limited construction time. 

  • We will conduct our Day Camp as usual with the one possibility of maybe having to shorten our play times slightly for a couple days during the construction.  If we are blessed with awesome weather and the dogs can be outside, then we will run as usual.

  • If your dog is very sensitive to loud noise or afraid of strangers you may want to consider keeping them home during this time.

  • We may have to limit the amount of dogs here during this time as well.

  • This project will begin on Monday, January 20th. 

A Special Fundraiser For Dr. Annamarie Dittmar

As most of you have probably heard by now, Annamarie Dittmar, Port Veterinarian, had a bad experience with a fire that destroyed her home the end of December and 4 of her animals did not survive. Dawgs in Motion would like to help by donating 5% of our sales from some of our services for the week of Feb. 3rd-Feb. 8th. We also plan to have some give-a-way baskets raffles and a donation container available as well. If you would like to donate to this cause it would be greatly appreciated. Dr. Annamarie has helped so many, now we can help her.

Valentines Day is Around the Corner!

Order your Valentine for your furry kids favorite buddy! Ask for a Valentine’s slip and fill it out and return it to the

front desk by February 10th with $4.00 (per Valentine)! We plan to present 50% of the proceeds to The Saukville Food Pantry!

Chiropractor Appointments

Dr. Amber Erickson, D.C., B.S., M.E.B.W, will be at Dawgs in Motion on Friday, February 7th! Call us to get your pup signed up! Visit our Therapy page for more info.

Animal Communication Appointments with Aimee Lawent Beach

Aimee is an advocate for helping our pets be heard,  understood and feel better. An avid animal lover since childhood, Aimee had a big wish—to hear animals speak. As fate would have it, she has learned about animal  communication (also known as inter-species communication, telepathic communication or animal “whispering”) shortly after adopting her cat Lily. A few months later, she took her first animal communication with a beloved teacher and mentor, and has since been on a quest of helping animals and their people. Aimee has trained with pioneers in the field of animal communication and  animal energetic healing, helping hundreds of clients over the past 11 years, locally, nationally and internationally. She can communicate with pets who are still in their physical bodies, those that have transitioned/passed over as well as pets who are lost or missing from home. Working in the complementary healing field brings Aimee so much joy and she is excited to offer her  services to Dawgs in Motion clients as a way to reach more pets. As a pet guardian she understands the  importance of having holistic options in treating  animals with chronic health conditions. She integrates many of the healing modalities she has been trained in when working with animals, including crystals, therapeutic grade essential oils and energetic healing support.  She loves to continually learn new skills to assist the animals. Aimee currently provides animal communication services and is an  advanced practitioner in Healing Touch for Animals. Aimee will be at Dawgs in Motion on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Limited spots available! Call or stop in to sign up!


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