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Dawgs in Motion and Pretty Paws grooming is open for business with our normal hours. We will be doing valet/curb side service for any customers that want it and we do encourage it.  Please call and we will come out at drop off and pick up!

We hope you will continue to take advantage of our Valet service!

  • Call to schedule
  • Evaluation on first day
  • Awesome communication


Enjoy your vacation and leave your dog in safe, caring hands.

Stop in for a tour anytime during business hours, no appointment needed!




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Weekly Special!

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Watch for new things at Dawgs in Motion!!

New Photo Booth Service at Dawgs in Motion!

As most of you know, Dawgs in Motion sends home daily report 

cards for our Daycampers so the owners know what activities they

did that day. Have you ever wanted to see pictures from that very

day of your dog having fun with their friends? Dawgs in Motion is

now offering a Photo Booth service for our Daycamp customers!

Ask the front desk if you can have Photo Booth pictures for your

dog when you are scheduling your Daycamp times. We recommend

that you schedule this service in advance, as we will be limiting

how many we can make in one day, but you can always ask if

there is room for it when you drop off. These Photo Booth pictures

will be printed on nice, glossy photo paper and customized for your

dog so you can see what they did all day! We are offering this


for $5.00 + tax. 

We can’t wait to make these fun Photo Booth strips for you!


Pretty Paws Nail Clinic!

The Nail Clinic day at Pretty Paws will be weekly and 

the dates will be located in our "Weekly Woof"

Call 262-268-6688 to reserve a spot!

Chiropractor Appointments

Dr. Amber Erickson, D.C., B.S., M.E.B.W, will be at Dawgs in Motion 

typically one Friday each month.  The dates are located in our 

"Weekly Woof" newsletter.

Call us to get your pup signed up!

Visit our Therapy page  for more info.


Puppy Socials

All scheduled Puppy Social dates are located in the training information area.  Please call to reserve a spot if you plan to attend. This is a prepaid service. 


Animal Communication Appointments with Aimee Lawent Beach

Aimee is an advocate for helping our pets be heard,  understood and feel better. An avid animal lover since childhood, Aimee had a big wish—to hear animals speak. As fate would have it, she has learned about animal  communication (also known as inter-species communication, telepathic communication or animal “whispering”) shortly after adopting her cat Lily. A few months later, she took her first animal communication with a beloved teacher and mentor, and has since been on a quest of helping animals and their people. Aimee has trained with pioneers in the field of animal communication and  animal energetic healing, helping hundreds of clients over the past 11 years, locally, nationally and internationally. She can communicate with pets who are still in their physical bodies, those that have transitioned/passed over as well as pets who are lost or missing from home. Working in the complementary healing field brings Aimee so much joy and she is excited to offer her  services to Dawgs in Motion clients as a way to reach more pets. As a pet guardian she understands the  importance of having holistic options in treating  animals with chronic health conditions. She integrates many of the healing modalities she has been trained in when working with animals, including crystals, therapeutic grade essential oils and energetic healing support.  She loves to continually learn new skills to assist the animals. Aimee currently provides animal communication services and is an advanced practitioner in Healing Touch for Animals. Aimee will be at Dawgs in Motion again soon. Limited spots available! Call or stop in to sign up!

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