Last Training Session for 2015!!!

Training Class Schedule starting the week of November 23, 2015.

Mondays     -     Starting
Nov. 23rd - 6pm-7pm Puppy Class
                 (this is a 3 week session)

Dec. 14th - 6pm-7pm Puppy Class
                (this is a 3 week session)

Tuesdays    -       Starting
Nov. 24th -  Beg. Obedience 6pm-7pm
Wednesdays    -  Starting
Dec. 2nd Puppy Obedience 6pm-7pm

All the Puppy Classes are 3 weeks in length and the Beginner Obedience
Classes are 6 weeks in length.


   Occasionally there will be changes in the schedule due to customer
 demand for a different day of the week or time of the class.
Dawgs in Motion LLC would like to introduce you and your dog to our training
class sessions.
Call today for the class schedule dates and times.

Class Schedule Starting the Week of November 23, 2015.
Scroll down the page for class descriptions.
Inquire about any class time not listed.  Special arrangements may be an option.
Additional  Available Classes will be scheduled as requested:
CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
Puppy Purchase/Potty Training Class
Dog Trick Classes
Tutoring Class
Cart Pulling Class
Handicap Class
Boundary Training
Kids with Dogs
New Baby introduction Class
New Dog to Dog introduction Class
Special Needs Class (Dog that is Blind/Deaf)
Tracking Class
Behavior Consultation
Agility Membership
You Need it we will create it.  

Puppy Purchase/Potty Training - This class instruction is for puppy purchase advice and
training.  You will learn instruction for potty training, chewing, non-sense barking, jumping up on
people, stealing food, etc.  This will be a one time 50 minute class with question and answer time.
The cost of this class is $35.

Puppy Obedience - Does your puppy need to learn the basics such as sit, down, walk on leash,
call on command, and learn to play non-aggressively with other pups?  If so, this is the class for you
and your dog.  This class is designed for young dogs’ ages 7 weeks to 4 months old.  Remember
our youngsters have short attention spans and this class will be adapted to them.  This class is a 1
1/2 hour class once a week for a 3-week session. The cost of this class session is $132.00

Beginner Obedience - Teaching your dog the basics in obedience.  This is the most important
class to build foundation through repetition.  These skill will be introduced in a structure fashion and
reviewed in some fun games to help strengthen the skills.  Some skills includ walking at your side
without pulling, calling the dog (getting a response the first time), sit, down, stay, etc.  Learning how
a dog thinks so that you can break the language barrier and get the results you want to make your
relationship great between you and your dog.  This class is a 50-minute class once a week for a 6-
week session. The cost of this session is $ 168.00

NEW  Express Beginner Obedience - This course is tailored for the customers that are
unable to commit to the 6 week course due to busy life schedules.  This course is 3 weeks in length
but meeting for 1 1/2 hours each week.  The cost of this course is $168.00

NEW Beyond Beginner Class - This class is designed and tailored for the customers that
want to go beyond the Beginner class.  We will work at the pace of the students moving closer to off
leash training.  The cost of this class is $168.00

Foundations Agility - Teaching your dog the basics to Agility.  Working on focus work,
targeting, body positioning, and so much more to prepare you and your dog for all Agility classes.  If
you have not been exposed to Agility before this will give you the perfect beginnings.  This class is
a 50 minute class once a week for a 6-week session.  The cost of this class session is $132.00.

Agility Level I - Learn the safe techniques of using agility equipment, and have fun doing agility
and learning new commands that your dog will understand.  Your dog will start on leash and as the
dog progresses, the leash will come off.  Watch your dog become more confident and increase the
drive to complete the agility tasks faster.  This class is a 50-minute class once a week for a 6-week
session.  The cost of this class session is $168.00

Agility/Level II - Now that your dog knows the agility equipment and is starting to listen to your
commands, it is time for sequences.  The dog and handler will learn how to do 4-6 obstacles in a
row while off leash directing the dog where to go next.  This is a fun class because improvement is
easy to see.  Agility is like taking a child to a play ground.  Dogs love it and it is good for them
physically and mentally.  Exercise is good!  This class is a 50-minute class once a week for a 6-
week session.  The cost of this class session is $ 168.00

Agility Membership class –is a membership that allows the owner to attend one of our Agility
classes once a week.  The prerequisite for the membership is the completion of the Beginner
Agility.  Our instructors will make recommendations as to which level class you should be attending
for the membership.  The cost of this class session is $80.00/month.
Obedience Classes
Other Class Ideas
Dog Tricks - This class is for young and old because it is fun to teach your dog tricks.  There are
many levels of difficulty and you are shown the steps to teach each trick.  Your dog might even
show us a new behavior that could be made into a trick.  Come and join the fun! This class will be
one time 50-minute class.

“Tutoring By Us” Classes – We offer this ‘Tutoring By Us” classes where all you have to do is
allow your dog to be here with us for 1- 30minute, one on one class, each week for 5 weeks.  At
the end of this “Tutoring By Us”  class you can then join a class together with your dog and enjoy
working with your dog.  
Taking advantage of this class combination will be more satisfying for both you and your dog with
great livelong rewards.  You will be a star pupil!

Some of our Day Camp dog owners have a great advantage because we can make arrangements
to enroll their dog in a “Tutoring By Us” class during the time they are in our Day Camp.  The
owner does not have to make an extra trip back to our facility for the class.
You can basically choose any regularly offered class and use it as a “Tutoring By Us” class.

New Dog to Dog Introduction Class – This is a class to help you when you are introducing a new
dog to your home and the dog you already have.  There may be some issues between the dogs.  
The issues may involve food or toy possessiveness, territorial demands, attention jealousy, etc.  
We can help you understand ways for you to work through issues such as these.  This is a one-
time 50-minute class.

New Baby Introduction Class - Are you nervous about introducing a new baby to your dog? Is
your dog jumping up and down frantically when the baby cries?
There are steps to overcome your apprehension and ways to blend your family so you can all live
together in harmony.  Help your dog become your child’s best friend.

Cart Pulling Training Class – Dogs enjoy having a job to do.  It makes them feel important and
helps to focus on a task.  They are happy to accomplish a task and know when you are pleased
and proud of them.  This cart pulling training class is a one-time 50-minute class.  Each dog will
learn at a different pace, which will determine how many classes will be needed to perform this cart-
pulling task successfully.

Boundary Training Class – Do you have a dog that does not want to stay in your yard?  Is there
a set boundary that you would like your dog to respect?  Let us help you train your dog to
understand your boundaries and how to respect them.  This class offers many different tools that
you can use to accomplish the task of teaching boundaries to your dog.  This is a one-time 50-
minute class.

Private Lessons - We can arrange private lessons for you and your dog to have sessions that
would be one on one with a trainer.  The private lessons are scheduled according to requests.  
These private lessons can be custom designed for your needs.  The private lessons are available
by 30-minute or 1 hour intervals.

Behavior Consultation Session – This class session is scheduled on an individual basis.  If you
are having some behavior problems that need to be assessed and/or addressed this would be the
class session for both you and your dog.  You will receive expert advise and/or direction to change
the behavior problems you are having.

In Home Behavior Modification - Maybe you don’t need a class situation, or maybe your dog has
a bad behavior within your home and you don’t want it to continue for the next 10 to 15 years on a
daily basis.  We make house calls!  We will come to your home by appointment and evaluate the
situation.  We will then show you techniques that you can do to improve your dog’s behavior.  We
can come back for more home visits at a reduced rate if you need some additional aid with the
behavior training.  Consider In Home Behavior modification.
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