Cooper loves his special day once a week at Dawgs in Motion.  He
gets to go to CAMP!   Wednesday evening, before we go to bed, we tell
Coop, tomorrow is camp day!  Thursday morning he wakes up all
excited!  He can’t wait to eat his breakfast and get in the SUV.  
All the way to Saukville he looks out the window, knowing that soon
he’ll be with all his friends, both fury and otherwise!  When we pull up
into the parking lot at Dawgs in Motion, he is out of his seat saying,  
“Come on mom, Hurry up”!!  He greets the wonderful staff members
with a friendly kiss and hug and then bounds into his day to run,
wrestle, chase and otherwise hobnob with his four legged buddies.
On even more special days, Cooper enjoys a refreshing bath and   
pedicure with the lovely ladies of Pretty Paws Grooming.  He looks
extra beautiful then and he is so proud!
Cooper comes home completely exhausted but wonderfully
Happy and always looking forward to his next special day at
Dawgs in Motion.


My husband and I have been taking Gemma, our 9 month Cockapoo,
to Dawgs In Motion since she was 10 weeks old.  Before we even
brought her home we began our affiliation with Dawgs In Motion by
attending the Puppy Purchase/Potty Training class.  This really gave
us the basics because neither of us had raised a puppy before.  When
Gemma was 10 weeks old we began taking her to day care.  She
started out with fear aggressive behavior, however, by attending day
care just a day or two a week she quickly gained trust of the staff and
the dogs.  The Beginner Obedience class gave Gemma and us the
training in all the right areas to start with.  Believe me, there was
nothing left out of this class.  When we’ve mastered this we plan to
attend more classes.  
To anyone considering day or night camp for their dog or just dog
training classes this facility is exceptionally clean and has a staff that
is professional, friendly, wonderful, loving and caring. They will meet
your needs, even if your needs are unique.  We’ve received personal
training for some of Gemma’s troublesome areas:  fear of children and
walking politely on the leash…even though she is small, she’s quite
the energetic puller!  All of this was extremely helpful.  Gemma
absolutely loves going to day care and believe me the trainers really
work those dogs!  I know this for a fact as the other day I finally left her
home for 7 hours straight.  Later that night she really took me for a
walk!  On the days I pick her up from day camp I really appreciate
bringing home a puppy who I know had plenty of play interaction and
physical activity.  Recently, my husband and I went on vacation and
Gemma had a wonderful stay at night camp.  What a relief it was to
know she was in a familiar surrounding with good people and a
schedule she is accustomed to.  Thank you to all of you at Dawgs In
Motion for making our lives easier.   

Karla and Guy Schenk

Sheldon and Jason

I, Jason, got Sheldon, a Boston Terrier when he was 9 weeks
old!  I immediately took him to puppy classes at Dawgs in
Motion. I always believed that socialization is the best thing
for a dog.  I continued to socialize him by taking him
everywhere I could that is dog friendly.  I took what I learned
from the puppy class at Dawgs in Motion and from what I
have learned in the past and continued to work with
Sheldon.  It didn't take long and I could see Sheldon listening
and giving me his attention when I was working with him.  
Sheldon really seemed to be a very loving dog!  From the
day my wife and I took my daughter home from the hospital I
could see he loved kids.  
Sheldon took to our family as our family grew!  After helping
Dawgs in Motion with the Holiday parades, I realized that
Sheldon is a very good dog and I felt that I needed to do
something with him.  In February I decided I wanted to share
Sheldon with people.  I contacted the Aurora Hospital in
Grafton about volunteering with Sheldon as a therapy dog
team.  I was then pointed in the right direction to get things
rolling.  I found an organization that certifies dogs to do
therapy work.   Therapy Dogs International (http://www.tdi-
dog.org/).  I then went to their website and found a testing
date and place.  To prepare myself and Sheldon for the test
we took the AKC canine good citizens class and test.  Once
the test date came and we passed with flying colors we then
waited for our paper work from TDI.   Soon after, we started
visiting patients at Aurora Hospital in Grafton.  It has been
really rewarding seeing people smile and hearing how we
made their day!  We now visit once or twice a week,
whenever I find free time.  Everybody is always happy to see
Dawgs in Motion LLC
580 North Dekora Woods Blvd.
Saukville, WI 53080