Dawgs in Motion will stand behind this
Fire Safety System 100%!

We have installed this system in our facility and feel very
safe with it.
We have experienced the system in action and it works wonderful!  
Our system was set off by concrete dust. The alarm response time was incredible!
The alarm company contacted us and had dispatched the local Fire Department
within 4 minutes of the alarm going off.  
Not that anyone ever wants to have to use the system but it was a great experience
to have our alarm go off and that we could see how quick the response time was.

Can your dog or other pets dial 911?
This is a great system for every pet owner to have in their home.
Smoke alarms in your home are important but a Fire System, such as DeTech is
essential.  If your dog is home alone and a fire would break out, your dog may hear
your smoke alarms go off but they will not know how to dial 911.  With this DeTech
system you do not have to worry, because help will be automatically and immediately
called and someone will be able to save the life of your dog as well as limit damage
to your house.

Receive a FREE Safety Pet Pack!
Call 1-888-241-8187 and mention the promo code 0225-01.
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